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IT Security Solution Global Leader

We provide both fingerprint security token for the bid by the Public Procurement Service and ID card used by the access control system, as non-face-to-face security solutions.
We provide Positive Technologies’s MAX PATROL to manage corporate compliance, analyze and compensate for vulnerabilities.
We also provide Bitscan’s web security solution, an active malware response solution.

Biometric fingerprint

ㆍBiometric fingerprint recognition source technology for the prevention of fingerprint forgery
ㆍPrevent forged fingerprint with redundant (multi) authentication technology

Hardware Security Module

ㆍEnhanced security with Biometric fingerprinting security tokens
ㆍFingerprint recognition Improvement from traditional sweep to electrostatic


ㆍAdvanced sensors detection system with remote control with smartphone and mobile applications
ㆍMonitor multiple zones with one system


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