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2017 06 Development of fingerprint security token for the Public Procurement Service
05 Patent registration (Location Control Service by Convergence of Beacon and CCTV)
04 Bitscan distributor contract
04 Positive Technologies Partner Agreement
03 Participation in exhibition booth of the World Security Expo SECON 2017
02 Development Completing security tokens Hardware for fingerprint recognition electronic bidding
01 Completed development of multi-sensor sensing system (K-Guard) development
2016 11 Selection of Government Challenges by  Ministry of SMEs and Startups
10 Develop fingerprint recognition ID card Prototype (Korea Internet & Security Agency Policy Tasks)
02 Real identity distributor contract (Biometrical fingerprint recognition application)
2015 12 Establishment of Corporate R&D center
10 Venture company certification
06 YoungWoo Digital’s YCloudPia Cloud Partner Agreement
01 Bluecoat (Global Web Security Company) Partner Agreement
01 HP Partner Agreement
2014 12 Main office open
08 Established company