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Biometric Fingerprint

Real iD® Biometric fingerprint recognition technology
Multi Authentication : Traditional methods + Bio Dynamic Detection

We have biometric fingerprint recognition source technology
for the prevention of fingerprint forgery

A Technical introduction

The market for non-face authentication continues to evolve, but the current use of fingerprint authentication is unchanged. Current fingerprint authentication methods are extracted to recognize only the unique fingerprint patterns of the used fingerprint. But this fingerprint recognition method is very easy to forge.

The Real iD’s biometrics technology that improves these vulnerabilities. In particular, the patent technique of Read iD added the dynamic biometric information sensing process during the traditional fingerprint recognition sensing process. The technique will determine if the fingerprint belongs to a living person and determine if it is a fake fingerprint.

Certainly, the fingerprint authentication technology has the most advantage in price and popular convenience.
With Real iD’s technology, vulnerable fingerprint security will become more secure and will lead the market as a top priority technology widely used in the non-face authentication market.