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K-Guard unmanned security system

K-Guard is a multipurpose sensor monitoring system that can monitor up to 10 zones with one system. It can be linked with mobile app of built-in smartphone and can control various sensors and keypad etc.
Also, It is a state-of-the-art sensor detection system that can respond quickly to emergencies by informing the manager of event alarm situation via SMS / phone in real time via 3G / 4G network.

Key Feature
  • Android OS 4.4.2 (Kitkat) or higher – App based control with smartphone built into the K-Guard
  • Digital Sensor Circuit is connected for up to 10 zone
  • Relay control warning light to spread the notification to the management site.
  • When the event occurs, the linked sensor informs the preset contact with real-time SMS and telephone connection to automatically propagate the event occurrence
  • Ability to change settings and view status based on App
  • warning light operation, Schedule change possible
  • Show 100 recent event logs through App
  • Built-in external battery for more than 3 hours in case of power failure
  • Change MP3 file stored in internal Micro-SD card to change notification call message
A Technical introduction
Smart unmanned security system launched against Honeywell’s VISTA, monitors multiple zones with a single system, and enables advanced remote control with 3G network detection and mobile applications.Even if the manager is not in the spot, it detects the emergency situation in real time and provides the situation to the manager by phone call / letter etc. In addition, it also provides the situation to the disaster prevention officer in real time to enable quick response to the situation.

As a product for export, the quality of infrared camera, warning light and sensor is excellent and excellent price is guaranteed.

If electricity is cut off for use in areas where electricity is not readily available, such as in Southeast Asia, the K-Guard will be able to operate for more than three hours even if the power is shut off using the internal power reserve.

Currently, many products are sold and used in Myanmar. The current product features are constantly updated, providing users with the performance they need, and simple to install and use, giving users a high degree of convenience.

If you are doing business in Southeast Asian countries such as China, I will confidently recommend this product. I think K-Guard, which is superior in cost ratio and superior in performance, will be very satisfactory if you use it once.

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